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Emmy Rossum is the sweetest treat in this candy shop

12.01.2015by: Droz

I'm fascinated with Emmy Rossum's moments of pure sweetness, like this one for a charity chocolate thing. If you didn't know who Emmy was, you'd probably just think she was the adorable cutie pie behind the counter at the candy store. The one who's smile could easily convince you to buy $40 worth of disgusting taffy just to keep talking to her. Of course, being a fan of Emmy, I know all too well that there's a whole other side to her which has nothing at all to do with being the smiling Christmas sweetie. That's the one who so seamlessly transitions into the role of sex freak on her show, just itching to hop onto some lucky prick and go hog wild. I don't know Emmy, so I can't say which of those two personas is more akin to her actual personality. I like to think it's a little of both. I love that kind of duality. Adorable by day, freak by night? That's a rhythm I could get into.

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