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Emmy Rossum is good marriage material

12.07.2015by: Droz

Don't get nervous Emmy Rossum fans. She isn't getting taken off the market just yet, although she is engaged, so that might be happening pretty soon. For now, your fantasies about having any kind of shot at this sexy sweetheart remain technically possible. Emmy is wearing this wedding getup for new episodes of Shameless she's currently filming, wherein the hottest of the Gallagher family apparently gets hitched. Funny, I wouldn't have thought of Fiona as the marriage type. Yeah, technically she's already married, but it was certainly not the traditional marriage situation. I'm still behind on this show, so maybe her and Gus are going to tie the knot formally. Or maybe it's some kind of dream sequence. Who knows? I can say that Emmy looks like a princess in that gown, which I suppose is the point of the thing. It's every woman's perfect day. Followed by many, many more increasingly imperfect days. Don't get married kids. There's your sage advice for the day.

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