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Emmy Rossum is a tasty sip of sweetness on a hot California day

07.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor
We still have six more months before we can figure out what's going to happen to the Gallagher clan on Emmy Rossum's popular Showtime series adapted from the original British version. Me, I still have however many months it's going to take before season 5 gets a DVD release (as yet unknown, from what I've discovered, but NetFlix has promised to save it to my queue for me). In the meantime, Emmy is enjoying her break from filming by doing some shopping in Beverly Hills, decked out in a simple but crisp white dress. Proving that she's just as perfect as we (or maybe just me?) believe her to be, she chose to sip on the kind of caffeinated beverage that would have had Britney's handlers on high alert. That poor country multi-million dollar bumpkin has an abnormally large number of stains on her clothing, if you follow the paps who capture her every Bristol Farms excursion. But Em, she can sip, walk and even smile at the guys dogging her about town. An angel, this one is.
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