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Emmy Rossum has no problem standing out at the 2016 Emmy Awards

09.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

For those who closely follow celebrity news, you may have already heard that Hollywood's most eligible bachelorette is officially off the market, engaged to Mr. Robot creator himself, Sam Esmail. To me, this was a total gut punch. One minute I was in awe over Emmy Rossum's radiant red carpet presence, the next I was sobbing over my computer. If only the Internet was an information tool where I could peruse sexy photos of my favorite celebrity babes, and at the same time, remain blissfully ignorant in regards to their romantic life. Alas, those two things aren't mutually exclusive, and now I can never un-know what I know. Is there any correlation with her committed relationship and the fact that those once frequent sex scenes on Shameless are becoming more and more infrequent? You would think if any suiter would be cool with Emmy simulating sex for the sake of her art it would be Sam Esmail, but don't be surprised if her marriage heralds the end of an era: No more cunnilingus and cavity searches. Please Jesus, let this not be the case. I won't be tuning into this new season to witness the further regression of the Gallagher's, but to see how diluted Fiona's sexuality has become.

Source: Got Celeb


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