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Emmy Rossum is a woman with a variety of powers

04.24.2015by: Droz

We made a silent pact some time ago to document virtually every step Emmy Rossum takes out of her house. Thus these shots of her at Variety's Power of Women event. There are worse women to follow around in such a manner. At least Emmy rarely fails to impress. I'm sure Variety intended for their event to focus on helping shape a society where women are empowered and encouraged to become doctors and presidents and shit. I doubt they considered having a beautiful, sexy creature around like Emmy would emphasize that other power women have, namely to reduce a man to little more than a begging dog at the sight of their loveliness. That's probably how I'd become were I around Emmy. She'd hit me with those big, brown puppy dogs and my resolve would be severely weakened. From there she could easily eliminate all resistance to her charms just by rubbing up against me with that body I've seen so much of on Shameless. I don't understand how beautiful women like Emmy don't already rule the world. Because they so totally could.

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