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Emmy Rossum gets wet and wild with Kelly & Michael

06.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I kinda totally completely madly love Emmy Rossum. She's gorgeous, she's talented, she's tough, she's funny, she can sing like whoa and she's not afraid of taking the piss out of herself. While on a visit to "Live with Kelly and Michael," that show that Regis used to dominate, the "Shameless" babe put on some unflattering coveralls and went to town with water guns and exploding water rockets, then did some sidewalk arts and crafts. Seeing her get goofy is one of those ways that she proves just how beautiful she is, inside and out. Because while it's silly, Emmy never does anything that's downright dumb to the point of being degrading. Plus, when she leaves the building, she looks like the million dollar babe that she is. Perfection rarely exists but Emmy might just be the closest thing to it in human form.
Source: Daily Mail


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