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Emmy Rossum classing up the red carpet at Keanu premiere

04.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

Of course Emmy Rossum would put her elegant foot foward, even when attending a movie about gangsta pussy (Probably a tentative title that didn't make it past the censors). I'm talking about Key and Peele's foray into feature length comedy, KEANU. She showed up to the premiere looking all kinds of posh; foregoing mounds of make up in favor of her entrancing, all natural visage. What those would normally refer to as a face, I refer to as a standard of beauty many strive for, but few possess - lest they subscribe to deceitful practices. I doubt there's much difference from what she looks like when rolling out of bed - besides some untamed hairs - and what you see depicted here. I know I gush over many-a-hotties, but I'd forsake my wondering ways for one, single gesture of affection from Emmy. Yeah, I got it bad.

Source: Got Celeb


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