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Emmanuelle Chriqui wears her leather laced with sweet and sexy

02.08.2016by: Droz

I'm trying to decide what my favorite thing is about Emmanuelle Chriqui is. I've heard a lot of folks gushing about how unmarked by the years she is. I agree with them. It's impressive how well she's holding up as a now 40-year-old woman. Ladies who don't look their age are common enough in Emmanuelle's line of work, but her brand of longevity is especially effective. I suspect her fondness for sweet, innocent-looking smiles, like those she's flashing at this Leather & Lace Superbowl event, have something to do with her defiance of the clock. She beams like a little kid. That tends to erase a few years. Add to all this the obvious things about Emmanuelle which make it clear she's no little girl. Like the way she wears her leather skirt and tight top. She might enjoy a youthful glow, but she's all woman alright.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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