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Emmanuelle Chriqui really dives into her new show

12.09.2016by: Droz

Have my all my fellow Emmanuelle Chriqui fans checked out her new Hulu series Shut Eye? If not, you probably should. Things get interesting with her from the first episode when her character gets herself involved in this exchange at one point:

Here's another, more NSFW clip from that scene. I'd call that one helluva fresh start for Emmanuelle. I think I can speak for most folks when I say this is a welcome change of pace for her. Looking sweet and hot is fine, but going down on other hotties is very much what career-building moves are all about. Too bad they couldn't have taken a minute to reverse positions and gotten someone to go down on Emmanuelle while she played with her bare boobs. Still, I'll take it. Too bad circumstances in the show's story make it unlikely there will be a repeat of scenes like this with Emmanuelle, but a it was a fine performance nonetheless.

Source: Superior Pics


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