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Emmanuelle Chriqui is a wonderful variety of woman

10.19.2016by: Droz

It's fitting Emmanuelle Chriqui was at this Variety Power of Women event. Emmanuelle is definitely all woman and one of the finest all around hotties I've had the pleasure of looking at in my time. Even the relatively minor amount of showing off her sexy dress affords us here puts many of the younger "look at me" types to shame. Emmanuelle is like everything a man could want. She's sweet, beautiful, super hot, perfectly built, just to name a few of her virtues. She's also long-lasting, as we've come to understand in recent years. Chances are excellent she's gonna look way better than any man she's with years down the line. While he's humped over with back pain and erectile dysfunction, Emma will still be putting women half her age to shame. In a perfect world we'd all have a hottie like Emmanuelle in our lives. And in that world we would all stay just as youthful and desirable as she is. Too bad our actual world has to suck so much.

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