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Emmanuelle Chriqui has smiles and styles in abundance

07.02.2015by: Droz

This summer is being particularly brutal with movies in contention for the almighty box office take. Those films proving to be unworthy are disappearing from top 10 rankings faster this year than I've ever seen before. Case in point is the ENTOURAGE movie, which most folks had already decided was shit even before it premiered. That's probably the reason for it's rapid booting out of the top 10, along with all the other stinkers that have come out thus far. Too bad for the folks behind that ill-advised venture, but good for Emmanuelle Chriqui, who has used her role in that movie as the springboard for a return to relevance as a celebrity hottie of the highest order. Thus her appearance at red carpet events like this one, where her beautiful mug and even more beautiful rack were on display. I was always troubled by Emmanuelle's virtual disappearance from the scene following Entourage's cancellation. I'm glad to see she's taking steps to prevent that from happening again. Someone so sweet and hot as she needs to stick around.

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