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Emmanuelle Chriqui filling out a tank top for ROADIES premiere

06.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Damn! Can Emmanuelle Chirqui can fill out a tank top like no other? - I think so. It's been a few weeks since her first, artistically obscured topless photo, and we've yet to see the release of any clear prints or outtakes. How could anyone in good conscious let those pics go to waste is a troubling question. One thing has been cleared up, though. It was no illusion, nor skillful bit of digital trickery that made those fully-bared boobs look bigger than they actually are. She attended the premiere to Showtime's new series ROADIES - ready to prove just how much heat she truly packs - with a validating display of those big beauties. Added to which, she looks as though much of her free time is spent keeping that killer body of hers in top physical form. With all the hard work she so obviously puts into maintaining tone, it's a wonder why she isn't doing more to show off the results. She posed nude once; the ice is broken; logic dictates she'll do it again... Here's hoping.

Source: Got Celeb


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