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Emma Watson was enchanting at the Beauty and the Beast premiere

03.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

Yet again, the Disney empire is on the brink of making bank with the live-action adaptation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Turning one of their most iconic and beloved cartoon features into a special effects extravaganza – populating it with flesh and blood actors, updated for those with modern movie-going sensibilities – is guaranteed to make the studio a dollar or two. And at the center of this event film is Emma Watson; the lovely and utterly charming British babe is to play the lovely and utterly charming French babe, Belle ("The one who'll break the spell"). She showed up to the premiere in Los Angeles and proceeded to spread her own special brand of magic fairy dust. I believe she used the "charm your pants off" spell, because the site of her deep diving neckline may mystically cause your pants to unbuckle themselves and relocate down around your ankles. If anyone stands a chance at taming the wild beast, it's Emma Watson.

Source: NS4W


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