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Emma Watson shows off her beauty in New York City

03.14.2017by: Droz

Not a big surprise to see Disney making a huge thing out of their forthcoming BEAUTY AND THE BEAST adaptation. The sound of cash registers dinging out a few billion times must have been ringing in the ears of studio execs ever since they got beloved movie franchise vet Emma Watson to plant herself dead center in one of their big summer tent pole movies. They're also pretty adept at wringing every last cent from their viewing audience that they can. Thus Emma going on a multiple-month long publicity tour to major cities all over the world potentially wrapping up with this screening of the movie in NYC. I've been watching a lot of these premieres and whatnot lately and I see her gradually reaching a point where she's ready to be doing anything else but this. Can't say I blame her. This has got to get old pretty fast. The good news is that even if she is in an exasperated state, at least it's not showing. Her glamour is completely intact.

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