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Emma Watson's cleavage beauty could bring out the beast in you

02.27.2017by: Droz

Obviously there are hotties out there prone to far more overt displays of cleavage than what Emma Watson brought to the Shanghai premiere of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The thing is, you don't see Emma come this overt with cleavage displays very often. So it's kind of a special thing. You Potter fans might find yourselves creaming your Quidditch-themed undies at the sight of Hermione's grown up titties, so be careful with these pics. Me, I find it more of a challenge to get on the Emma Watson train sometimes.

As someone who didn't grow up with the Potter movies and thus never made Emma a permanent fixture at the center of my sexuality, I'm able to spot the flaws in her design. Looking at her here, I can understand the hype. She's quite pretty and appealing in this outfit. Other times, there's way too much of a boyish quality to her. It's a weird thing. You never know which Emma you're going to get from moment to moment. As far as this moment goes, Emma got herself looking pretty good. She should stick with this look for awhile.

Source: NSFW


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