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Emma Watson is all set to be your prom date

02.21.2017by: Droz

Someone suggested these pics of Emma Watson in an evening dress look like pics a parent might take of their daughter in her prom dress just before her date shows up. She definitely has that "oh dad" look about her in a lot of these pics. I do feel Emma's pain here. Every woman in my life is totally fired up for this BEAUTY AND THE BEAST movie, most especially the one who lives with me. And you know what that means? It means I'm gonna be sitting in a theater soon, pretending to be just as moved as she is when Belle and The Beast fall in love or whatever. I'm not looking forward to this, but I have to admit I've been in her shoes and she mine. I don't think she really gave a shit when Han Solo bit it in THE FORCE AWAKENS. But unlike her, I didn't get to express my feels on her shoulder with bitter tears. I just had to suck it up as best as I could while my childhood hero plummeted to his death down a bottomless shaft. Yeah, there's one more incongruity between men and women.

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