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Emma Stone's Vogue spread is all over the place

10.14.2016by: Droz

Emma Stone's new Vogue spread has to be one of the more eccentric magazine spreads I've seen in some time. The star of LA LA LAND really goes to some odd places in this one. It starts out making her into some kind of oddly hot tomboy. It then proceeds to show her moving back and forth in time, often in various ensembles no doubt inspired by her throwback musical, finally ending with her transformed yet again into a raven-haired fashion model type. Yeah, that's a little different, but to Emma's credit she never lets the weirdness take her into undesirable territory. I even kind of like her with the boy cut. At least it's still red. Also nice to see her getting back to that ZOMBIELAND blackness. I've debated for years whether it's Emma's usual red or that movie's black hair hiatus that stands as her hottest look. I'm still undecided, but the last pic below is bringing be over the dark hair side of things. Maybe it's just that Emma is awesome no matter how you get her. Yes, even as a blonde.

Source: Vogue


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