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Emma Stone's Venice Film Fesitval photocall for La La Land is pure greatness

09.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor

No one, and I mean NO ONE, beats Emma Stone when it comes to making the most adorable faces in the world of Hollywood, where everyone is beautiful and scared shitless of making sincere facial expression that might cause their faces to develop wrinkles. It's so refreshing to see Stone relinquish herself to the emotions she's going through and let them show on her face. I think it's half of what makes her so well loved by fans and definitely what causes any haters to shrug instead of rail wildly against her. At the photocall for her movie LA LA LAND, which was warmly received at the Venice Film Festival this week, Stone caved to the giggles and showed off a goggle-eyed face of surprise while talking (posing?) on her cell phone, proving that it's hard to beat this joyful beauty.

And she's living the words she preaches when talking about her movie as well. In an interview about the musical comedy co-starring Ryan Gosling, Emma stated, "This movie is in no way cynical. It’s about dreaming and hoping and working towards something to achieve something. I think young people have fallen into a lot of cynicism and making fun of things and pointing out the flaws in everything and this movie is anything but that. So it’s a huge joy to be able to show it to young people. This is what I hope young people will do is work hard to achieve their dreams, and hope instead of being cynical."

Source: Celebrity Hive


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