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Emma Stone will have you seeing red at the London premiere of La La Land

01.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

Besides the absence of any nudity, violence or graphic sexual content, I'm looking forward to seeing LA LA LAND; even though, historically, musicals don't do much for me. I'll watch anything in hopes of finding a new movie to appreciate, discuss and/or vigorously defend against naysayers. The love of a good movie can come from anywhere, and I don't have to describe the joy one feels when falling in love with a shiny new film to the Joblo community – it's understood by all. As is the feeling we get whenever Emma Stone shows up on the red carpet (and in this instance, the carpet literally matches the drapes) wearing something silky, smooth and perfectly suited to her particular brand of beauty; red hair, red lips, red dress. F**kin' hell, what a vision. Ms Stone attended the London premiere fully prepared to show the citizens of the United Kingdom who the most ravishing redhead in all of La La Land truly is.

Source: NS4W


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