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Emma Stone keeps things slimmed down in more ways than one

04.16.2015by: Droz

You may have noticed something missing from Emma Stone's candid sidewalk moments lately. Take these pics of Emma in some sexy workout gear, employing her her post workout potassium as a paparazzi shroud. Emma used to have other means of deflecting pap attention besides produce.

I suppose those bygone days of transforming sidewalk candids into political action messages just don't have the same flavor now that her partner in crime there is no longer around. Yes, Emma and her web-slinging life mate Andrew Garfield seem to have called it quits. Can't say I'm surprised. I don't know if her character's death or Sony's realization that they have no ability to do justice to Spider-Man was a factor in that break up. They seemed like they were into each other for awhile, but it's pretty easy to grow apart when you're in their business. They fly all over the world doing movies and mingling with other beautiful people. All that time apart allows loneliness to creep in. Also, being 26 and beautiful is not really a good time to be making lifelong plans. Emma still has some wild oats to sow.

So there you go. She's back on the market, fellas. I might be excited about that, were she and I not available at totally different stores. Emma is exquisite merchandise available at only the most exclusive boutiques. I'm the cheap, off-brand t-shirt you see at the swap meet next to the naughty foam trucker hats and plastic jewelry.

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