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Emma Stone is the devil in La La Land

08.18.2015by: Droz

Someone snapped a few pics of Emma Stone dressed in a devilish blue dress on the set of her new movie musical LA LA LAND. Emma replaces another Emma with the surname Watson, who dropped out of this to play Belle in the live action musical adaptation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. So apparently we'll soon see both Emma and Emma singing in modern day musicals. That's just wonderful, or not. Musicals are my least favorite movie genre. I absolutely hate it when they start breaking into song for no good reason at all. Makes me want to break out of the joint rather than watch another second of that shite. At least Emma will look hot in this, but I'd much rather see her in something like BIRDMAN again. I rewatched that on cable the other night. She was so great in that. We do a lot of looking at Emma in still pics around here, but I think she really shines when she's doing her thing up on a screen. I love how natural she is in all her roles. Her characters are always genuine people. Makes me wonder if she'll be able to translate that authenticity into a singing/dancing environment. Probably not for me, but I'm sure fans of that stuff will love what she brings to it.

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