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Emma Stone is the adorable, redhead actress of the decade

05.15.2015by: Droz

Part 2 of our redhead afternoon comes to us via Emma Stone, who premiered her new Woody Allen movie IRRATIONAL MAN at Cannes today, doing so in sensational-looking black and white. I especially like the white. Damn, Emma! Where you get all dat ass from? I don't remember her having such a succulent rump as that. I don't know what's going on there, but I like it. A lot.

I suspect there are a few purists out there who choose to scoff at Emma's redhead cred, what with her natural blondness lurking there under whatever chemicals she uses to achieve her trademark crimson locks. I say hogwash to such statements. I've known women who have gone red from some other color and I'm here to tell you, there's a psychological component to that hair that crosses all keratin boundaries. Redheads aren't just about the hair. It's also the attitude that comes with it. As anyone who's spent any significant amount of time with redheaded women knows, they tend to have a fire in their personalities to match what's growing out of their heads. No matter if they're born that way or come to redness later in life, somehow having that hair brings out the feisty in any woman. Just one more thing to love about them I say. Sure, that attitude can stray into the bitchier side of things, particular in those delightful few days women have each month. I wouldn't change it though. They might be hard to handle, but they also make life interesting.

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