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Emma Stone is nearly naked in the worst way, send complaints to Revlon

12.07.2012by: Cherry Liquor
Where are the comment cards when you need them? Sure, you can find one sitting on every table at a Carl's Jr restaurant so that half-a-brain-cell idiots can get people fired over the lack of fluffiness in their breakfast biscuit, but hot damn do we have some major problems with Revlon selling us Emma Stone as nearly naked and then having it turn out to be just a way to describe foundation. Foundation is stupid. Sure, I know that there are women who have this (ingrained by the media's Michael Bay approach to making women think they're ugly - blam! you need this! blam! correct that! blam! give us all your money!!!) and use it regularly, as Emma most likely does when she's hitting the red carpet but what they don't show is the actual naked image of what her skin looks like without the makeup. Most of this junk destroys the skin and you dudes will wake up next to the bumpled reality of a pale-faced Godzilla on the morning after. Stop buying push up bras, stop slathering this crap on your face, just be pretty. Emma looks just fine (although, let's be fair, that outfit is BOOOOOOORING). So do other women. You don't make money off of building up the female population's self-confidence, but damn.... the results are more positive and the long-term effects in this short-term society will make a tremendous impact.


Extra Tidbit: You know how there are all kinds of memes with Kristen Stewart never changing her expression on the red carpet? I love Emma and all, but lately she's really more guilty of same-face than KStew.
Source: E! Online


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