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Emma Stone finds your fascination with her ass amusing

05.09.2016by: Droz

Emma Stone's seeming incredulity and amusement over the paps following her and her ass around like hungry dogs, looks like a smokescreen to me. I can't imagine how she could ever divorce herself from her own actions and the fascination of the paps. The fact is that whenever you see her around now she's always got a set of these tights on, which just happen to show off her newly toned ass in the most perfect way possible outside of bare skin. It's the same newly toned ass she just happens to be expertly posing for the cameras in seductive ways. Silly Emma. Just own these butt shows. We're well aware of the fact that you could easily wear a set of baggy sweats or an over-sized, concealing workout shirt, were you more inclined to modesty. Many of your contemporaries do this all the time. You want us to see your ass. You're proud of it and rightly so. It's glorious.

Source: Superior Pics


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