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Emma Roberts was popping out of her dress at the Popfest

10.31.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure what Entertainment Weekly's Popfest event is for. No doubt it's some sort of promotional thing for celebs to come out and talk about whatever they're doing. The important thing to know about Emma Roberts' time at this event was her interpretation of what being at an event like this entailed, namely the opportunity to pop one's boobs out of her dress. It seemed like a few hotties went with that literal interpretation, based on the last few pics in the gallery below. They even managed to impress each other it seems. I'm not surprised. Sure, I've hopped back and forth from one side of the Emma Roberts fence to the other over the years. Sometimes I like her, sometimes not so much. But I really have to commend her on all the sexy stuff she's been doing lately. Walking around in all sorts of provocative clothing, now doing sexy press conferences. Girl is obviously looking to draw some eyes. Well, congrats, Emma. It's working.

Source: NSFW


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