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Emma Roberts was keeping it cool at Coachella

04.18.2016by: Droz

Emma Roberts was doing just like everyone else at Coachella this year, namely trying to stay cool while making fashion statements and pretending to care about the undercard bands she never heard of. Emma's been looking pretty good lately. She's got the red hair going, which is often a direct route to my better angels. She's been making the most out of the warm weather we're enjoying here on the US west coast by dressing appropriately skimpy, as evidenced by these ensembles she was wearing at the king of all overhyped festival events. I approve of this. By all accounts I shouldn't like Emma. She's fairly skinny, has a reputation for being something a bitch at times, and doesn't show up in many things I enjoy watching. Still, there's something about her I enjoy. I always have. It's a mystery I wish I could get to the bottom of, with Emma's help of course.

Source: Superior Pics


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