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Emma Roberts tries her hand at butt jeans

05.06.2016by: Droz

Normally when we start to talking about asses in butt jeans, the subject of said talk involves some sidewalk shenanigans from Hilary Duff. This time around it's Emma Roberts doing the parking meter 2-step in her tight jeans. You probably wouldn't expect a petite thing like Emma would make as good of an impression as Hilary, but the truth is Emma is packing a surprisingly satisfying amount of curve in her diminutive body. I think that's why I like her, other than the new fondness for redheadedness. She's so tiny and slim that I doubt I could get my arm through one of her pants legs. Doesn't stop her from packing some heat in the seat though. One of my favorite combos are short, redheaded girls with nice asses. Going down that list, I see Emma is checking off each entry with the below gallery. So there you go. Emma and Hilary should hang out sometime and rock the butt jeans together. You can bet we'll be posting those pics as fast as we can get them.

Source: NSFW


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