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Emma Roberts takes to bikini-wearing to promote her new movie

07.14.2016by: Droz

I always have to raise an eyebrow at images like these of Emma Roberts doing the bikini beach thing. Show me a hottie celeb in a bikini in some blurry pics clearly taken from behind a bush somewhere and I'll be at least willing to believe they were captured in some kind of illicit manner. It's a different story when they seem to be mere feet away, snapping pics of every move the actress or model or whatever is doing as they go about their business of frolicking in the sand. So yeah, these are most likely just another means of promoting the fact that Emma has a new movie coming out. Eh, screw it. Emma looks good in a bikini. That's primarily what I'm taking away from this experience.

This said, I do have doubts about her movie. NERVE is supposed to be about an online game of truth or dare which goes awry for its participant, played by Emma. However, the PG-13 rating this movie has would seem to instantly negate any realism for me. You see, in any real world situation where a young, beautiful girl is being coerced into performing deeds by people on the internet, it's just a given that a dare will come up wherein she'll have to disrobe. I'm not talking about showing bra like in the trailer. I'm talking about get naked and masturbate yourself with a kitchen utensil. Either that or tell the truth and admit which of your immediate family members you'd f*ck, if you absolutely had to. There's some reality for you.

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