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Emma Roberts playing the attention game like a seasoned veteran

04.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

Sooner or later they all come around. Candid photos of Emma Roberts going about her daily routine are nothing if not common. Often times when some professional peeper with a DSLR captures this tightly sculpted redhead(?) – yes, she's a redhead now – she underwhelms; mostly because her choice in clothing leaves you wanting. As of yesterday, however, she seems to have figured out that making public appearances in ass hugging spandex pants and sports bras will get you a more enthusiastic response. She may not be a quick study, other hotties like Kaley Cuoco, Emma Stone, Bella Thorne and Charlotte McKinney figure that one out ages ago and have been using it to keep all eyes focused on them, but Ms. Roberts just stepped out and showed everybody she can play that game just as well as anybody. Ya done good, but you gotta keep doin' good.

Source: NSFW


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