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Emma Roberts & Lea Michele were all smiles at Scream Queens press conference

10.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I have been so happy with the way this second season of Scream Queens is rolling out that I was fairly pissed when they put off the third episode for that far scarier thing with that far creepier villain (you do your own MadLibs on that one). After unveiling what's been going on with Dean Munsch's new role as a wealthy writer with aspirations (& delusions) of grandeur at her "we'll fix the unfixable cases" hospital, I've been tickled with the addition of Uncle Jesse John Stamos as a doctor with a great talent for surgery and a hand transplanted from a serial killer. I can't say the same with the always flat and lackluster Taylor Lautner, although I love that it's going to give the deadpan funny Billie Lourd something to sink her earmuffs into. Queen B, Chanel Oberlin, as played by Emma Roberts is feeling her comeuppance but also feeling up on Dr. Uncle Jesse (come on, I can't be the only one who thinks of him primarily that way) and while it's uncertain what crazy Chanel #6, as played by Lea Michele is really going to get up to this year, the fact that they're letting her Hannibal up the place is far more fun than I ever thought I would see from the former Glee star. In fact, I want her to give up that sham of a music career and just play psycho bitches from here on out. She's found her calling.
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