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Emma Roberts is wearing the hell out of her new hair color

04.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't keep it a big secret that I prefer the darker hair colors on women, from radiant reds to the darkest of blacks, especially if the color better suits their skin tone. While there are some natural blondes who look good as such (Charlize Theron come to mind), whenever actresses in Hollywood take on the platinum tresses, it tends to wash them out and over-accentuate their not-as-good features. While there really was nothing wrong with Emma Roberts as a blonde necessarily (she slayed as Chanel on "Scream Queens"), the red colour she's switched over to recently looks so incredible on her, I'm nearly encouraged to flood her publicist with commentary on how she should never change it back. Roberts is a natural brunette who has explained that the recent colour change was her way of shedding the role of Chanel, which also included taking out the extensions that lengthened her hair as well. I don't care. It looks f*cking fabulous on her. I hope she never changes it.
Source: Zimbio


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