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Emma Roberts is the only Chanel that matters for the January issue of Allure

12.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I have to say, "Scream Queens" really grew on me over its premiere 13 episodes. I went into the show not expecting much (or rather, expecting it to be cringingly over the top and unbearable like "Glee") and with my low expectations combined with a cast full of characters ready to do whatever it took to make me like them, well, mission accomplished. Emma Roberts has been slowly growing on me as an actress, phasing out that cutesy-pie teen thing and embracing her bitchy core, with the generous help of Ryan Murphy. I'm guessing that the main direction Emma receives while filming the campy horror comedy is to have at it like a mini Jessica Lange. (Her scenes with the legendary vamp-tress in "AHS: Coven" seem to contain a lot of subtle approval nods on Lange's part.) I honestly couldn't figure out who I loved more from "Scream Queens" - Jamie Lee Curtis as the vicious career climbing dean, Niecy Nash as the clueless (but fabulous) security guard or Roberts verbally slicing through anyone who came within ear's reach. Then again, I might have to give my top love to Billie Lourd. It was kept relatively quiet that the earmuff maven was the daughter of Carrie Fisher and I can't remember the last time I imitated a character as much as I have with #3's husky throated bi-confused awesomeness. I've scoured about, looking for when season two will start because... I need to know if Dirty Helen actually exists!!
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