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Emma Roberts is screamingly sweet in the pages of Teen Vogue

10.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
While I am rather rapidly getting turned off by the vampire action going on in "American Horror Story: Hotel" this season (seen it done a million times, most frequently far better), I am slowly warming more and more to the girlish antics of the sorority sisters in "Scream Queens" and can't wait to figure out more about what's going down on that campus. Star Emma Roberts says she's having as much fun making the show as the growing legion of fans is watching it. "Shooting down here is like summer camp with all of us," she tells Teen Vogue of the New Orleans location. "We're always texting each other; we pick each other up for work; we go get pizza or coffee together. It doesn't feel like I'm just going to work every morning." Emma will be checking into the Hotel at the tail end of this season's run, with reported scenes in the final 4 episodes. It might be the reason why rumours are still swirling that her romance with former fiancee and co-star Evan Peters (the only really compelling character on the show this season, as he tends to be) isn't totally kaput. When you have to work together, might as well have the most fun with it.
Source: People


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