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Emma Roberts is pale, flowery perfection at amfAR gala

11.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Before people strap on their slutty attire for Halloween, there are plenty of high fashion, red carpet events to attend. Emma Roberts did such last Thursday night when she put on a strapless flower printed gown for the 2015 amfAR Inspiration gala where her "Scream Queens" creator, Ryan Murphy, was accepting an award for his contributions to television and his commitment to the fight against AIDS. Emma was photographed giving her famous aunt, Julia, while the Oscar winner continued a conversation she was having with her tablemates. I can't say that this is an unfriendly gesture on Julia's part; How many of us have relatives that accept an affectionate moment without stopping what they're in the middle of to reciprocate in some emotionally grandiose way? I actually think it looks sweet, especially when you consider that Emma is supposedly closer to her aunt than her father.

Source: Hollywood Life


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