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Emma Roberts in spandex will give your eyeballs a good workout

10.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Scream Queens hottie Emma Roberts will be struggling with the fate of Chad Radwell, her on-screen beau, this week but it appears as if she's made amends once more with her off-screen sweetie, Evan Peters. The two have famously been on-and-off-again since they first got together back in 2012, even gaining some negative press when Roberts was arrested for domestic abuse back in 2013 (the charges were dropped after Peters refused to press charges). Since then the couple called off their engagement in the summer of 2015, got back together briefly a few months later, only to break it off back in May of this year and now it looks as if they are once more trying this thing called love out. Evan seems fairly sedate here, as the paparazzi snapped pics of the two after they'd worked out together and then grabbed lunch, but Emma was all smiles (and intense concentration on her phone) as they strolled along. Strangely, this is one of the few tempestuous relationships I'd like to see work out, if only to have the two make babies for Ryan Murphy to cast in American Horror Story season 23, There's Something Under My Bed.
Source: Daily Mail


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