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Emma Roberts has got a lot of nerve

07.11.2016by: Droz

Emma Roberts' movie NERVE comes out in a couple weeks, but she's already out there doing promotions for it. In the movie Emma plays a high school girl who partakes in an online game of truth or dare which predictably takes her in some not-so-nice directions. I can't speak for the quality of the movie, but I will praise Emma for her choice in attire for the interview she does below, which was followed by a not at all spontaneous NYC stroll. Emma might not have a whole lot to flaunt, but what she does have is getting plenty of fresh air here. I approve of this. There's no minimum on cup size with this kind of display. As long as you got something happening there, we're gonna notice. And making people notice is the whole point of an outfit like this one.

Extra Tidbit: The tinge of resentment you might be feeling toward Dave Franco right now is due to his currently exclusive access to Alison Brie's boobs. I understand. No one person should have that kind of power.
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