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Emily VanCamp looks sharp in her underwear

04.28.2016by: Droz

You'll recall how Emily VanCamp had herself a small role in CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER as the cute nurse next door with a secret. She was the topic of much conversation between The Captain and Black Widow in that movie, and for good reason. Girl is hot and cute in perfect combination, as demonstrated in her spread below for Sharp Magazine. Emily returns in CIVIL WAR next week, in what is hopefully a more robust role as The Captain's potential squeeze. If there was ever a guy who needed to get laid, it's that guy (which is ironic, as pretty much every woman on the face of the Earth would gladly give Chris Evans access to their bodies without reservation and I'm pretty sure most of them already have). Emily is clearly the underdog when it comes to CAPTAIN AMERICA hotties, though unjustly so. Of the 3 women highest listed in the cast list for this movie, I would rank Emily as the prettiest and certainly vying for the title of most well put together overall. Tough call. I'd have to see a lot more of her before I made a final call on that.

Source: Sharp Magazine


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