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Emily VanCamp is through with Revenge, ready hit the beach in a bikini

04.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Apparently the place you want to head if you're a celebrity in dire need of some bikini beach time but not a fan of the paparazzo getting all up in your business, you head to Mexico. Nah, it doesn't mean that they'll stop taking your picture but they'll be far enough away from you that the pictures they yield will be of the Bigfoot variety - blurry and questionable. It's happened already over the past week with Selena Gomez and now it's "Revenge" star Emily VanCamp's turn. The actress is taking a break from filming her show, a break that is not yet officially confirmed as being a permanent one. But seeing as how one of the show's main character was offed in a recent episode and other major secrets revealed, it's most likely the end for the ABC thriller. Sadly, there's also no confirmation that we'll see more of VanCamp in her role as Agent 13, although that doesn't mean much for the Marvel movie universe. Many of the comic book movies don't reveal their full cast until their hand is forced. Still, I would love to see Emily back as the tough girl-next-door-to-Cap again. She's built well (thin by American standards but more meaty and muscular than the majority of Hollywood's young actresses) and I just plain like her. I hope you're listening, Russos. 

Source: Daily Mail


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