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Emily Shaw is here to wrap up our week of big, British boobies

06.21.2013by: Droz

Quite a week we've had for ginormous, British tits. It started out with the long-awaited return of Kelly Brook's beloved bosoms and now it wraps up with Page 3 hottie Emily Shaw's equally impressive set in this Frank White photoshoot. You might not be as aware of Emily, but she was the dark horse runner-up to last year's Page 3 idol contest winner Lucy Collet, upsetting a lot of well known titties in the process. Those of you with criticisms over Kelly's thicker frame might find in Emily something of an answer to your prayers. Emily's set is just as impressive as Kelly's, though they protrude from a slimmer body. I'll admit that there is something rather provocative about a thin woman with a huge set of natural tits. In the end, I'd have either kind of woman. It's best to not be picky about such things.

Click the images for an uncensored version.

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