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Emily Sears is a dish only served hot

02.01.2017by: No Cool Handle

Besides being associated with things like kangaroos, crocodiles and Outback Steakhouse, Australia is a known stomping ground for some of the world's hottest women, a breeding pool for curvaceous bikini babes. One you may not yet know of is Emily Sears, however, something tells me after you check out her spread in this month's issue of Maxim Australia, an effort will be made to get to know her better. Fear not your ignorance, here's the only nugget of information germane to this write up: Emily is hotter than the sands of the Great Victoria Desert and a more cuddly than a Koala bear. Instead of wading past my own lurid commentary on her impressive ass, let's see what Emily thinks of it: "I used to be bullied for having a big butt but thankfully it’s now considered a good thing, especially in America." F**ckin' A right it is! That's one of the reasons I love my country; but still, in regards to Emily Sears, I wouldn't mind spending significant time down under.

Source: Maxim Au


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