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Emily Ratajkowski's underbooob and other bare bits for Love Magazine

02.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's a beautiful thing, watching Emily Ratajkowski rediscover her exploitative roots, providing consumers of all things sexy with fresh photos. The kind of photos that cause you to scan the work area so you can make sure nobody is about to walk by and catch your perverted ass drooling over Emily's underboob. The kind a photos you feel guilty thinking about while doin the deed with you're significant other; you just can't help it. This is the type of photo set she made her bones on - sexy, lots of skin and a little naughty. It won't be until I'm staring at some full frontal awesomeness that I declare her recent, more restrained efforts, a thing of the past. Love Magazine is quickly becoming a periodical of note, displaying an impressive ability to release famous hotties in bulk. The only rub is their tendency to release single photos weeks ahead of the entire set. Maybe love isn't the only romantic notion they cling to; think, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Then, maybe such a strategy will make some sense.

Source: Love Magazine


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