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Emily Ratajkowski's latest fashion statement patents the side butt

09.07.2016by: Droz

Emily Ratajkowski's dress is by no means the first one to show off the part of Emily we see being teased here at this Target event. However, it is the first one I've seen purposefully tailored to do so. It's like a porthole cut into her dress for the express purposes of allowing everyone to get a reminder of what the side of her ass looks like. I'm not sure they cut that hole quite big enough. A couple more inches in circumference would give us a real side butt experience. Just enough to get a hint of cleavage where her cheeks meet the top of her legs, otherwise known as the sweet spot for most butt lovers.

What's that you say? All this talk of EmRat's ass has got you wanting to see it again? I was just thinking that too. No worries. We got you covered.

Emily Ratajkowski Painted Butt

Source: Superior Pics


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