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Emily Ratajkowski's flashes of skin heat up the pages of C magazine

08.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If only C magazine had gotten some whisper thin gauzy dress for Emily Ratajkowski to wear in this photoshoot, those headlights of hers might have given us an even better clue as to how cold she was during this ocean-side beach spread. I'm guessing they Photoshopped out the gooseflesh that had to have been on her bare shoulders and back in a few of these shots of her in these sparkly gowns, clearly the beach attire that every woman is aching to put on while it's overcast and gloomy outside. I feel for these models, what with som many of them not having the body fat necessary to keep from shivering like a bowl full of Jell-O. Emily also talks about how she's been accepted into the acting world as of late, having just completed the movie CRUISE. "I think maybe 20 years ago it was harder for a model to be accepted as an actress. Everything is so interdisciplinary now." Which is a great vocabulary word to use and all, but perhaps she's forgotten that she had appeared on television in acting roles, including "iCarly," before becoming so well recognized as a model.
Source: Daily Mail


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