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Emily Ratajkowski's boots were made for walking, her Instagram for showing

01.28.2016by: Droz

Kinda sucks that we're not getting those hot Emily Ratajkowski magazine spreads that used to come out one after another. Or all those great bikini and underwear gigs that had her literally spilling out of some bra that was clearly insufficient to hold her. I suppose she's way too grown up now for that kind of "look at me" behavior, which means that she barely shows any chest at all when strolling down the posh and manicured Beverly Hills sidewalks in her tight jeans and high heel boots. The only consistent source for EmRat titties anymore is Instagram - the home of impromptu titty shows. That's where you go now when you wan to see Emily in a bikini, hanging out in tropical locales or rooftop pools. There's something kind of nice about getting the goods straight from the source. She's expressing herself to us in her own way. I like the way she communicates.

Source: NSFW


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