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Emily Ratajkowski was trying to lose her top, but sadly failed

08.12.2016by: Droz

It's been quite the week for Emily Ratajkowski pics. She's good about that sometimes. You'll go a long time with hardly any EmRat skin at all. Then all of the sudden she's barely keeping herself covered with everything she does. Amazingly enough, the pics below might be the most sedate of her various appearances this week. I have no idea how she's managing to keep her top from not sliding off entirely there. I can only assume keeping her arms pressed against her sides is the trick. Doesn't appear to be the most convenient or comfortable way to wear something, but if her aim is to show as much chest as possible without showing anything else, this might make Emily the world record holder.

As good as all her pics have been this week, none of them come close to my favorite EmRat moment of the last few days. That honor goes to the Snapchat moment below. How I so desperately wish those were my hands.

Source: NSFW


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