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Emily Ratajkowski was a pretty little flower at Global Green's pre-Oscar party

02.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She was in an Oscar nominated movies when the award show rolled around last year (hey, Jason Statham - how about a nudity Oscars too?) but Emily Ratajkowski tended to stick more to the pre and post Oscar parties rather than make a splashy appearance at the show itself. At the Global Green party on Wednesday night, EmRat took a dress that would have looked conservative and perhaps even dowdy on any other chick and made it work. Then again, with the bust to waist to hips ratio that Emily is blessed with, I'm sure she could make a burlap sack look good. Then again, a chick who's into supporting causes that help the environment happen to be more attractive than most. Something about that latent hippie gene that puts an organic spin on one's lust. Then again, that might just be the global warming thing that's making us all so hot and bothered. 
Source: Daily Mail


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