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Emily Ratajkowski uses her tight ass to sell bikinis

07.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's so many different bikini companies out there it's hard to imagine any aspiring designer being able to carve out a piece of that crowded market. The folks at Amore and Sorvete use a proven and brilliant strategy to sell their summer line of skimpy beachwear: Put Emily Ratajkowski's tight backside in one of their thongs and call it a day. Besides Emily's hefty going rate, this photo shoot shouldn't have cost much; it didn't need to. Although, I bet they probably spared no expense for a professional photographer, even though a neophyte could have been hired for much less. As long as you have the hard bodied Ratajkowski showing her mostly bare arse in front of a pool, or any location a bikini is warranted, you could take the shot with a lamplight and an iPhone and the sexiness will seep through.


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