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Emily Ratajkowski takes off her top to sell some jewelry

03.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
This ad campaign by jeweler Jacquie Aiche looks like a Johnny Depp dream come to life as a busty supermodel. Emily Ratajkowski has spoken in interviews recently about how she is steering herself away from photoshoots like this one, feeling as if she's already tapped all there is to be tapped from being known for looking good naked. I'd guess that the paycheck was fat enough to distract EmRat from her words. I think the only thing here that bothers me is the ever-present rib cage showing, reminding me more of the ads of children starving in other countries than lavish accessories. It's one thing to Photoshop some shadowing around a chest to create the illusion of cleavage. It's another to use it to highlight bones on a woman they didn't need to boost in the bust department.  
Source: Pop Sugar


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