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Emily Ratajkowski put on a lengthy legs show in NYC

07.13.2016by: Droz

I know Emily Ratajkowski walking down the street isn't quite as interesting as Emily doing her best Lady Godiva impression. Doesn't matter how hot her dress is. Naked is still always gonna be better where EmRat is concerned. Still, you're much more likely to see her like this than the other way. This is because Emily doesn't even have to try at this point. She walks down any old NYC street and finds whole swaths of people who would give a significant sum just to get down to a little boob action with her. This being common knowledge, there's not much pressure for Emily to do like she used to do back when she was first making a name for herself, namely getting naked at every opportunity. There's one downside to fame. Not as much nude EmRat. Don't fret though. Hey, maybe she'll pull a Lohan at some point and have to make amends with gratuitous full frontal action. We can only hope.

Source: NSFW


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