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Emily Ratajkowski prefers a clothing optional social media presence

10.26.2016by: Droz

I suspect Emily Ratajkowski has run into some kind of modesty standard in her current modelling niche. I see a number of relatively modest spreads of the legendary show off coming out as of late. It's the sort of stuff she's never shown a penchant for. Maybe that's why she makes such a spectacle of her body on social media. Not that I'm complaining. She makes things like Instagram or Snapchat one of the more pleasing social media experiences. What's better than a huge, regularly updated gallery of Emily feeling bored on a Thursday night and deciding to take pics of her bared tits? It's like a self-imposed Fappening every few days over there. I'm pretty sure making things like this happen is one reason why the internet was invented in the first place.

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram picsEmily Ratajkowski Instagram picsEmily Ratajkowski Instagram pics

Source: Instagram


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